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Powerful 100% SSD VPS Hosting


Powerful and Reliable UK VPS

Get the power without the expense. Virtual Private Servers that won’t break the bank.


From £9.99 /PM



From £14.99 /PM



From £24.99 /PM


SSD Storage

We only use enterprise-level Samsung SSDs to give you the best speed

Rapid Provisioning

Our fast provisioning system will have a VPS online in 90 seconds

Latest Technology

Powered by 2.2 GHz Intel Xeon Cascade Lake 12-core processors.

Full root access

You’re in control! You get full root access to your virtual private server.

All VPS Hosting Plans Include

Choose from over 20 Operating Systems & Apps

Choice of Linux OS

Install your favourite operating software onto your VPS when you order - no coding required! Choose your version of CentOS and Ubuntu or go for Debian or Fedora. Alternatively plump for an installation of your favourite application in a click.

Full Root Access

We don't hold you back - all our VPS are unmanaged - but you will get full root access to your virtual private server, putting you totally in control.

Rocket-fast network

Utilising the same rocket-fast network we use for our shared hosting platform, every virtual machine monitor is connected at 10Gbps and each switch has redundant 40Gbps uplinks.

Hardware RAID

All of our servers utilise hardware RAID 10 arrays and a battery-backed cache. The unbeatable performance and availability from RAID 10 ensures your Virtual Private Server won't be held back by our technology.

Out-of-band Console

Should you make the wrong network settings or firewall yourself, our out-of-band VNC access will enable you to access your VPS as if you were plugging a monitor into a physical server.

Network service level guaranteed

All Virtual Private Servers come with UPS support enabling us to provide a network SLA of 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Upgrade your VPS when you need to scale up

Your Virtual Private Server won't get left behind as your business needs grow - you are free to scale up your VPS as and when you need to.

Free 1 Tbps Anti-DDoS protection

Don't get held to ransom by a distributed denial of service attack - we provide 1 terabit per second anti-DDoS protection free, keeping you safe from all but the most determined attack.

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